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Jessica Higgins

Jessica Higgins

Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Unicorn

Jessica creates strategies and award winning content that has been featured in Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and won other national awards. She then scaled her own digital influence. Check her out at jessicahiggins.co/press

Indiana Gregg

Indiana Gregg

Co-Founder/ Chief Design Unicorn

Over a career that spans 23 years a designer, technologist, and entrepreneur, Indiana focuses her experience as a media consultant and brand developer for some of the world’s most successful startups and top tier international brands.

Digital Unicorn

Digital Unicorn

Co-Founder and Chief Creativity Director

The infamous digital unicorn has been written up in Forbes as the perfect combination between data science, digital strategy and influence marketing. This is the embodiment of our team and guides all that we do.

How We Work...

Our Mission
Digital Unicorns is all about providing the highest strategic marketing strategies and tools you need to unicorn your way to the top.
Our Experience

Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in scaling influence, standing out, connecting with people online and building brands that become platforms of possibility.

Our Integrity
Our pricing model lets you leave us easily if you aren’t happy, but we’re sure to become your trusted partner in marketing.
Our Creativity
Creativity, is, in fact, a skill. We practice it in everything we do to keep our skills sharp, which reflects in the work you receive.
Our Comittment
You’ll love our results so hard you’ll never want to leave us.
Our Core Values
Collaboration, human connection, real-talk and absolute brilliance.

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